Litigation can be simple or complex, however, it is constantly fluid. Strategies and decisions made early in the process can impact options available for years to come. It is necessary to obtain information, very often only after extensive discovery and review, which determine the extent or impact on the business and its future operations. Once a client is imparted with that information through the efforts of counsel that client is then able to make educated decisions regarding the future of the Company.

Paul Schurman has litigated multi-million dollar matters and commercial disputes, tried cases, conducted arbitrations, mediations, negotiations and defended and prosecuted individuals in corporations charged with business related offenses for companies located across the United States.

Paul’s business knowledge and acumen with knowledge of finance and science enable him to determine the various options available to a client and plan accordingly.

Avery & Schurman has a unique philosophy in that we prepare a matter from its inception as though we are going to trial. Because our strategy is dictated by the best interest of the client, whether that strategy includes settlement, negotiation, mediation or arbitration, we have found this preparation method results in a cost efficient positive outcome for the client. We work closely with our clients and develop a communication channel second to none.

The goal of Avery & Schurman is to achieve the best financial option available to the client in as economical and efficient a manner as possible.

Corporate Formation
Whether the client seeks advice on what type of entity to form or needs an operating agreement and by-laws, Avery & Schurman is able to assist. We have consulted and assisted with the startup of hundreds of companies and are proud to claim many who are listed in the list of top and up and coming companies in our area.

Avery & Schurman works economically and efficiently with one eye kept on the client’s bottom line. Avery & Schurman perform their legal services at competitive rates.